80 lbs of books to #LGBT Youth and Women’s Prison Book Project

( this post contains a bonus: female prison pulp fiction covers. You’re welcome. 😀 )

Well, 16 lbs of RISEN, BONES, and CHARM SCHOOL are going to the new Youth Library put together by Outreach Minnesota. Check out the call for book donations from author Rory Coileáin and see if you’ve something to send:http://rorynicoileain.com/2015/09/09/lets-help-make-a-library/


While I was at it, I decided to send 70+ lbs of RISEN, BONES, and SUNDARK tae the Women’s Prison Book Project, who’ve been at it since 1994:

“….These facts mean that women in prison have specific needs for particular kinds of information: material on families, children, women’s self-help, women’s health, and legal aid pertaining to women who fight back against their abusers. Many lesbian, bisexual, and transgender prisoners often have trouble obtaining information that is relevant to their lives. As new prisons are built to warehouse the growing number of incarcerated people in the U.S., the meager resources previously available to prisoners are being cut or limited. WPBP is one place where women/transgender persons in prison can obtain information that is often unavailable from any other source. WPBP works to support prisoners; and through that solidarity works to empower prisoners themselves and build connections through prison walls.”

And so forth! NOW, maybe steampunk/neo-victorian books with mystery and some horror and Victorian lesbian protagonists may not be Very Helpful, but I hope they give respite and entertain. Check out the link on how you can help out. http://www.wpbp.org/book-donations

HOW many here thought this was a post about 50’s lesbian pulp fiction? *raises hand*

This Female Convict cover, 1958, is by my most favorite pulp fiction illustrator and cover artist ever, Robert Maguire.

Also this:

You’ll have to find the others yourself.

~~~dashes away

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