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#amwriting : last 1/4 of Dark Victorian: Ice Demon

#amwriting 20K+ on Dark Victorian: ICE DEMON. I think I’m down to the last 1/4 needing filling. *,.,* Been everywhere on the webs figuring out simple, elegant ways to have explosions. Sulphuric ether in mechanical refrigeration. An acetylene gas generator for roasting mutton. We rock the frozen Thames with one boom!

#amwriting Dark Victorian: ICE DEMON

Thanks to my spending most of 2014 trying to get my old comic book series, Charm School into digital and print ( A TASK THAT’S NOT DONE—WHYYYY ), I am still behind on writing the third Dark Victorian book, EVERLIFE. Elle Black’s POISON GARDEN manuscript that I started last winter is still in holding pattern. Charm School’s BODY CHASE: THE FALL OF FAIRER THAN was edited last spring by me editor and still needs me to fix it.

So what do I decide to do? Write a short story novelette called Dark Victorian: ICE DEMON for the occasion of holiday release. Because holiday stories are important!

My thoughts: post San Diego Comic-Con 2014

this image snagged from Cartoon Brew: A portion of Eventbrite’s infographic on comic-cons: Me again! “LGBT Comics for Young Readers” panel San Diego Comic-Con 2014:   Nearly a

Krypton Radio covers San Diego Comic-Con 2014 (and Me!)

The masses descend on San Diego! The mad-dom (far beyond ‘madhouse’) begins! Friday, after I sat on the “LGBT Comics for Young Readers” with creators like the writer for the LumberJanes (Boom! Comics) and Kevin Keller (Archie Comics) artist, Dan Parent, I had the pleasure of taking respite with steampunk and swingtastic deejay Willow Leafstorm of Krypton Radio in the SDCC press room.

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