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ICE DEMON: A Dark Victorian Penny Dread Vol 1 ( I think I’m supposed to connect a ‘cover reveal’ with an event or a blog tour or something like that.

The ENORMOUS Blazing Indie Collective Giveaway!

We hit the ground running! I’m pleased and honoured to participate in the BLAZING INDIE COLLECTIVE GIVEAWAY! Hit the Rafflecopter link for prizes and e-books!

The Charm School Indiecards are here!

In anticipation of having more and more books in print to take to happenings, I’m trying digital download cards. What are they, you may ask? In my case, I use Bands On A Budget’s Indiecards. You purchase the card with a download code in back to a website given. At the website may be stored music (hence the hosting company, Bands On A Budget), e-books, video, digital comics, and so forth for you to download.

San Diego Comic Fest and more!

SOON the cover for ICE DEMON: A Dark Victorian Penny Dread Vol 1 will be revealed, and it really is smashing. As soon as I get the edits back from the editor (make changes, lay it out for ebook, lay it out for print book, etc), it will be a for real, smelling spanking brand new BOOOOK.

I WILL BE AT San Diego Comic Fest next week, where I’m steampunk guest, then Comikaze Expo 2014 the week after that.

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