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My thoughts: post San Diego Comic-Con 2014



this image snagged from Cartoon Brew: A portion of Eventbrite’s infographic on comic-cons: Me again! “LGBT Comics for Young Readers” panel San Diego Comic-Con 2014:   Nearly a week after and my brain has already marched onward, especially…

Krypton Radio covers San Diego Comic-Con 2014 (and Me!)



The masses descend on San Diego! The mad-dom (far beyond ‘madhouse’) begins! Friday, after I sat on the “LGBT Comics for Young Readers” with creators like the writer for the LumberJanes (Boom! Comics) and Kevin Keller (Archie Comics) artist, Dan Parent, I had the pleasure of taking respite with steampunk and swingtastic deejay Willow Leafstorm of Krypton Radio in the SDCC press room.

Me and SDCC 2014 (and where I’ll be!)



I was invited to do a panel and will also have booth time with the gracious Prism Comics to tout my Dark Victorian books and Charm School. It’s only for the Friday, though it would have been very prudent (if at all possible), to have gotten one night to stay over as it’s a 3 hr trek from and to LA. SDCC may be the very biggest media event on the planet, but attending it and especially working it means keeping it manageable and (somehow), fun. 😉 IT BEGINS Wednesday night and runs to Sunday, which is why even though I know half the universe is *right this minute* in San Diego to prep, I gotta share my appearance maps now. :)

COVER REVEAL and Giveway!



For those who can’t make it to SDCC, here is a giveaway, hosted by the amazing Melanie Karsak! Go here to enter:

More to come! And thank you, Melanie! 😀

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