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NEW release: MEDUSA is here


MEDUSA: A Dark Victorian Penny Dread Vol 2 is now LIVE at Kindle, Kobo, Nook, and Smashwords. 🙂 Amazon geolink:

2.99$ is the sale price. By end of Feb it will go up to match my other books. The synopsis:

Blind Elvie Chaisty discovers a breathing British Museum marble and soon more “living” statues appear in London. Meanwhile, a masked, monocled sculptress invites guests to her provocative marble garden, to be experienced by touch alone. The rich and the specially invited Elvie are enchanted by the sculpted bodies that can be discerned beneath their hands until one visitor dares to make a deadly discovery. Journalist Helia Skycourt and her stick for hire, Ellie Hench, must find out: is the monocled woman the centre of a death cult, one helping young women to an eternal state? Helia and Ellie race to solve the mystery before the sculptress’s fascination for Elvie seduces Elvie into her marble garden, permanently.
With a special appearance by Artifice, artificial ghost and heroine of the steampunk Dark Victorian series, MEDUSA is a gothic, romantic horror set in an 1880, mechanical and supernatural London. An F/F dark romance and psychological, gaslamp fantasy.

This one is a step up in sensuality than my usual fare. I am also very happy to have tried my hand at haptic perception. Please enjoy! 🙂

All the best, ~eeee


Clockwork Couture Comics & Literature was a nifty event:

. . . the setting, participants, and people who visited made it so. There was no big stress, it was a comfy, intimate venue, we brought tea, cookies, and music, we had our own kitchen, bathroom, mini-lounge area and Dalek (yes, full-grown Dalek—inert, thankfully), a breeze coming in through the windows, good conversation, and honestly, it was really nice to see all the genuine smiles.

Very, very different from doing a 50K+ attendee event, a mid-sized show, or even a mid-sized genre show. It was plain nice!

It heartened me to see people at ease and to listen to authors talk earnestly about their books. It was getting back to craft and leaving the commercial environment behind.


My table is actually to our right; I was lounging for a bit and happened to take this pic leading down to the entrance. Clockwork Couture, the li’l steampunk boutique-that-could, is a floor below us. This room is their community center and is still being renovated. But you can see how nicely the space is coming along. The space is also used to host workshops, gaming, photo shoots, and so on.

Hee hee! Dru is funny, she looks mischievous here, but I think she was going for sweet, which she is! I really liked her table set-up, and I loved her covers. After taking a look at the French version of the first Clockwork Heart book and hearing Dru describe her Icarus-winged heroine, I had to pick up her trilogy. Seated to our left from Dru Pagliossotti was Jaymee Goh and her Steampunk World anthology plus another multicultural speculative fiction anthology. To our right was Madeleine Holly-Rosing and her Boston Metaphysical Society comic book and novella series, then Patrick Scullin, creator of Super-Siblings and his latest, Pandamonium.

Okay, in linking to Boston Metaphysical Society‘s site I just saw Emily Hu’s latest page (she’s the artist). GOOD work.

Here we all are!

From L to R: Me (Elizabeth Watasin), Madeleine Holly-Rosing, Jaymee Goh, Dru Pagliossotti, and Patrick Scullin! (with Dalek photobomb).

If I could do just wee events like this, I’d be happy, but promoting oneself is a strange and necessary business. Anyone who knew me from my past life/career would never imagine I’d put on a hat, dress up, and actually talk to strangers in a public venue. I’m still not that person entirely but I’ll do it because I have to. And it’s not a matter of putting on a hat to be something for show.

It’s about becoming the person you think you’re meant to be.

I call this, “Me, the 13th Doctor, with Friend Dalek”. 😀

All the best, ~~eee


Event! The Clockwork Couture Steampunk Extravaganza of Comics and Literature

JOIN us! In lovely downtown Burbank (CA), as Johnny Carson would say, and meet authors, Makers—for there is also a Craft Faire (note that I wave the colourful flags to signify such)—try on steampunk couture ‘n gorgeous accessories, drink tea, and take your picture with a TARDIS (Doctor may or may not be included).

Happening this SATURDAY, beginning at 12pm, appearing will be the lovely Dru Pagliassotti of The Clockwork Heart series, Jaymee Goh of Steampunk World, Madeleine Holly-Rosing of the Boston Metaphysical Society comic book series, Elizabeth Watasin (that’s me) of the Dark Victorian series, and Patrick Scullin of Pandamonium! Location:
Facebook event: Come and have fun!


All that said, I think this is the first event at which ICE DEMON: A Dark Victorian Penny Dread, will make an appearance! And it’s so pretty, :D.


#amwriting, 13K+ words on Dark Victorian: MEDUSA

The Lamia, by Herbert James Draper, 1909
The Lamia, by Herbert James Draper, 1909

#amwriting 13K+words on Dark Victorian: MEDUSA ‘n I’ll be wrassling with the theme of female monster as romantic(???) interest for a bit longer than my 3 week deadline. cha! Heh heh! Not at all shades of Le Fanu’s Carmilla ( or the movie, “Dracula’s Daughter” 1936. Woo woo! Though I’d like to try that sort of approach, another time). Watch my beta reader point and go: you’re doing Belle et Bete! I am not. :-p I’m really trying to stick with scary, goddess’y creature, here.

Progress: I think MEDUSA may end up in the 36K+words range, which is . . . very roughly, 160+pp as a book. I’ve barely half down of all plot placeholders. It’s a matter of getting all pertinent bits writ, then I flesh it all out. Even the end scene may get a truer ending after the ‘ending’, like with ICE DEMON. We’ll see. Medusa herself is fascinating as a psychological and cultural study, which is not quite the same exploration I did with Hecate in SUNDARK, that being more a mythical/religious portrayal. Besides the fact that as a chthonic goddess, she’s plain frightening.

THIS PAINTING: is The Lamia, by Herbert James Draper, 1909. And what a mythic tale is she. IF I can ever view it up close, I could confirm that her eyes have pupils like a reptile. A snakeskin is draped around her waist. I’m tempted to try her on in a penny dread. But not as a romantic interest.