Site stuff, and ‘lost’ A-Girl stuff

I keep forgetting to announce that I’ve updated the Midnite Theatre (despite that once a month idea), and the Parlor of Mystery.

If you think I watch what I post at the Theatre in their entirety…actually, I don’t. 😉  I only viewed about 10 minutes of the latest selection and the opening sequence was worth that 10 minutes. 😀

Again, I’m not going to claim to post anything of utter, High Quality in taste, workmanship, budget, or story at the Theatre.  It is all in Fun, so please don’t take it seriously, folks.

The Parlor:  is resembling more and more the ‘research’ supplement of my YA novel.

I should also mention that what seems to work with Firefox regarding this site does not mean the same for Safari…So if the sidebars have a strange arrangement of widgets, that’s because I decided to err on making the sidebars appear in correct order in Safari.  I have no idea how this place looks in Chrome, Netscape, AOL, or MS Explorer, so I hope for the best.


I finally found all the original pages for Adventures of A-Girl! #6 and 6 1/2 where I started this ‘saga’ called Dynamotopia, in which you followed A-Girl for a week while she’s on production at Toooooon Factory.  I think I never uploaded these issues ever online, I could never find a copy of #6 1/2.

So I will be uploading those first on the A-Girl’s World blog, giving the Webcomic plugin a test run.

I hadn’t seen #6 1/2 in years, and because of its relevance (now I know why my fellow animation artists really enjoyed that issue), it made me laugh out loud. 🙂  My cartooning skills were very good in that issue too.

I also found some of my ancient notes regarding the rough plotting for that storyline…maybe I’ll wrap it up, we’ll see.  It’s been over a decade since I last worked on that. :/  Yes, that’s true.

And tho’ A-Girl’s simplicity made her toons seem easy enough for a child to do…really, it took quite a bit of work and dedication on my part to the intuitive approach to drawing.  Especially that last issue.  Dang nice cartooning.

Can someone find the oil can?  I’m rusty. 😉

See you later in the funny papers,

~~~creeeeaky eeee!

Remember when I said, ‘puppet’?

Read this children’s book:

Courtesy of a blog I’m loving more and more, Curious Pages.  Because you know what?  The kind of work archived here says to me that I can do any kind of Story Book I want, ‘safe’ standards for mass entertainment need not be entertained.  I’m looking forward to it. 😀  (Yes, Story Books are part of my master plan).

Cap’n Jeff, you look smashing. 😀

Check out one of their most recent uploads as well, of a visually…riveting retelling of the Wizard of Oz.

~~~pegleg eeee!

The sound of hammering in the background

…oh sorry, was that too loud?  That was me dismantling Comicpress.  I’m going to use the WordPress plugin, Webcomic, instead.

Edit to add: I found the Webcomic themes finally, kind of buried in the message board:

Now all the tabs work!

It seems I’m not the only one who decided in two minutes of fiddlin’ that Comicpress was not what I needed at this time.  You know, it’s funny how freeing it is to abandon something that would have required Way too much time, effort, and in many cases, money to make work.  Sweat, tears, passion, brain cells, etc…I know what wasted time is.  Believe me, I know of what I speak. *_*   Think of those ex-marriages.  Ok, sorry about that. 😉

Companies are run this way, Governments are run this way, your family might be run this way.  We only got one life, and less time spent on an app I don’t really need is that much closer to what might realize certain visions and make things Wonderful.

It’s like building a stage.  We are going to have a puppet show. 🙂

~~hammer hammer

Site Musings (or; what kind of sprawling Neverland are you making, Elizabeth?)

….Today (or yesterday), that was 2 blog title graphics, one Studio logo, and one barely formed newletter site (plus consideration of a mailing list system; I’m thinking DADA).

Did I tell you about the Reading Room addition to the site, the Parlor of Mystery?

Well now I did. 😛

There will also be a SECRET LIBRARY, which has to debut sometime during the awesome unveiling of my new young adults novel, as they are related subjects.  Since the expression of my Excitement over my new project was lost during one of my site ‘oops’, I’ll just share again:

I am Very Excited about the new young adults adventure and Fantasy novel I’ve finished and will be the first in a series.  It’s in the process of final edit and I have to prepare its layout as a Paperback (and ebook), with ornamentals and such, and also as An Illustrated Story, possibly divided up into 4-6 magazines to accommodate lots of related content.  The novel is very Rich, I know you’ll enjoy it.  I’ll be putting together a site as well for it.

Meanwhile, Never mind how that sounds like A Lot of work, my Awesome novel which I know you’ll enjoy. 😉  I’ll also be bringing you Charm School, back from the dead whence I had sent it.  The conclusion of the last story arc and new stories will be done as Illustrated Stories as well, uploaded here.

I can conclude the last story arc (Vampire Dragster Dean: Hotroddin’ to Hell and Back!!) as a comic book later.  Right now I would really like to share the continuations of Charm School in the manner mentioned so the stories get out faster.

Like a serial!  In your daily newspaper! (though not daily, please).  Remember newspapers? 😉

If you’ve looked at the Charm School page, you can see I have a lot of work to do.

If you’ve looked at the A-Girl comicpress page, boy, have I got a lot of work to do (and if I just don’t like comicpress–well I won’t know that until I’ve tried it!).

Since I’ve decided this time around to be my own webmistress in order to give you the content I would like you to enjoy, it does cut into Artist and Writer time.  So just bear with me as I sloooooowly put up pretty things to look at and slooooowly formulate how to present Illustrated content online.  Things are being built behind the scenes, *tested* out behind the scenes (holy frijoles) (that’s french for: WOW that didn’t WORK), and things cyberspacey are being Set Aside so I can go Draw and actually Make Stuff.

Boy, there’s a lot of stuff to make.  I guess I won’t be sleeping during 2010. 😉

See you in five hours!

(I’ll be Behind the Scenes during that time; You will be watching HD through the neighbor’s window.)

~~~~eeee!! (research does say that less sleep means more time is shaved off your lifespan–oh do shut up left side of brain!)