re-Debut: The MIDNITE THEATRE (!!) of A-Girl Studio

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All Right!  Let’s do this proper.  The debut MIDITE screening for your nickel is as follows:

A Vintage Theatre Ad

A Newsreel snippet: Bongo Boards

An Oooreel (like, ‘ooo, what’s that’): ‘Styling and the Experimental Car’, which seriously all you Stylists (Designers) out there, will show you how Cool you really, really are (those were the days!).

A Snack Concessions Break!

First Cartoon:  Betty Boop, in ‘Minnie the Moocher’ (courtesty of

2nd Cartoon:  Wallace & Gromit, in ‘Tellyscope’  (courtesy of HULU)

3rd Cartoon:  Town Called Panic, in ‘Lisa and Jan’  (also HULU)

and the ‘Feature’ (I can’t sit in a theatre for too long, so it’s a 45 min. ep):

Xena Warrior Princess, ‘A Necessary Evil’  (brought to you by Amazon)

The Midnite Theatre, as I’ve said before, was a sudden desire of mine to add a ‘theater’ experience to the site.  You can access it through the Links on the right hand bar or go here:

I housed it at Blogger, because it’s more friendly for embedding Amazon and media content.

At first I was just going to post a viewing recommendation every month, but now I’ve decided to bake the whole enchilada and do the Programme the old skool way for the ‘whole’ theatre experience: Theater ads, ‘newsreels’, cartoons, then feature.

*You bring your own concessions goodies.  There are no actual physical goodies at the Midnite Theatre, thank you!* 😉

So Enjoy!!!


once more…Girls Drawing Girls and Haiti Relief

It’s here at:

Like I had mentioned before I made the site go ‘oops’, there are some nice pieces offered for the effort so do check it out.  I met GDG at the CTN Animation Expo 2009–and you’ve probably seen them at San Diego Comic-Con.  A Great group!



…so I just lost most of this blog’s work about an Hour ago…and this place still doesn’t look quite right.  Is it missing a chair?  It’s probably missing a chair…

Well, this time I’m scheduling more frequent backups and continuing the ‘diversifying’ of the content.  I will eventually Heart my CMS (content management system).  Until then, My Favorite Chair :):

The Space Chair Project, Toshiba


And the Stars took all my Eyes

We are so lifting off.

‘The Known Universe’, by the American Museum of Natural History