Final DV art, Clockwork Alchemy, and more

Will you look at that! :


As you can see, here at Dark Victorian central, we are full of the beautifuls. Thank you to Tom Orzechowski for the incredible (hand done!) logo and lettering. Thanks must be given to me (bwa ha) for finally nailing a decent composition of the background illustration in order to show off the title and the main character. Win/win! Presently, the doc is now with the e-book formatter, awaiting a quote (which I will prolly agree to, because sheesh, we want a book!).

While that’s happening, thanks to peer discussion whilst at Wondercon 2012, I will also work on a print book. With illustration plates (am working on that now). And me, working with a typesetter, requesting fleurons and pretty things, and then me, working with a printer (Lightning Source, ftw), wondering how this is all going to work. So eventually, I will GET this, and there will be a print version.

Calloo calley! EVENT!

And then—until then! I will put my dressage hat on and exhibit at the illustrious CLOCKWORK ALCHEMY event, May 25-28 (yes, *4* days!!) in San Jose, CA, at the Doubletree hotel, near the SJ airport. It is Memorial Day weekend and also presented by Fanimecon (also happening that weekend), the biggest, oldest anime con of Northern California. Clockwork Alchemy promises to be quite a treat, with film festivals, airship events, dancing, a Ball, and so forth. Check it all out at the site. If you are local to the area, I very much encourage you to come. If you know me, remind me, and let’s say ‘hi’!

Myself, I will be in the Artist Bazaar, wistfully wishing I was airship racing. Thus is the life of a working artist/writer!

OH, but I’ll be bringing stuff, most notably what couldn’t be brought to Wondercon: E-book DVDs and flash drives of The Dark Victorian: RISEN. And original art, hopefully, and more art prints. And me, in a dressage hat. No horse. 😀

Viens! Veronique Chevalier!

More Steam’y news: A big BON JOUR to Mlle. MAD V, otherwise known as Veronique Chevalier, who stopped by during Wondercon—merci beaucoup!—and let me know how much she enjoyed The Dark Victorian: RISEN preview! A big thank you to all those who have enjoyed the preview, too! 🙂 MAD V does dark cabaret, comedy, gothic polka, and steampunk. Listen to her musique, HERE.

LOL “I’ve got my own coin operated boy” . A lyric. Here’s her latest album, “Polk A Haunt Us”, at Amazon:

Have fun! 🙂

What am I thinking? Oh yes, EMERALD CITY COMICON in Seattle, WA, is happening RIGHT NOW! So I want to give a few friends a signal boost. Are you going? Are you not? Well, check out my friends who do the BAND comic, table in the ‘J’ section. Site, HERE. Christine (writer) is an old Action Girl Comics comrade (hearts) and Erin (artist), he’s an animation colleague. So go say “HI”!

And Roberta Gregory (please check out her latest, TRUE CAT TOONS, which I very much enjoy, at her site) may still be there, a few tables down with Larry Lewis, and Donna Barr is at the Prism Comics booth.

OH, and remember my friend Carolyn (Watson-Dubisch), creator of THE PEOPLE THAT MELT IN THE RAIN? You can keep up with what’s current with her, HERE.

And to swing everything back to The Dark Victorian, made some stuff over at Zazzle with variations on Tom’s logo and my DV art. MORE to come, but please take a look. Fave’ing or Liking or even Wishlisting will also boost my store’s signal. 🙂

Thanks everyone, and now back to it. Besides drawing more Art (Artifice) for the new print book, I have to figure out if my new hat will go with that new skirt. 😛

All the best,


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