Witsworldqr_bookmark-2inx8in-h-front Fogcon is graciously offering my promos at their freebie table! If you’re in San Francisco or thereabouts this FRI, SAT, SUN, then check out FOGCON, the Friends of Genre Fiction convention! SF/F attendees, you can pick up my Wit’s World: Never Was preview chapter booklets and 8″ bookmarks at their Freebie table. Yes, I typed 8 inches. I won’t be at the event, unfortunately, but I hope you will be! Enjoy! 🙂

And I just had a thought; take a pic of yourself with the Wit’s World freebie or the freebie in hand, *at* the event, send that to me with your snail mail info, and I will send you WIT’S WORLD 1″ buttons in the mail. Yes, that’s 1 inch. Contact me, studioagirl at gmail dot com!

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