LA Times Festival of Books, Gnostalgia RISEN/BONES Giveaway, and more

There’s so much going on, it’s kind of a flurry, people! But a good flurry. I am keeping in mind, though, that books *must be made* during all this gallivanting. To horse!


KEEP CALM I'll be at Booth 953!

KEEP CALM I’ll be at Booth 953!

This April 20-21, Saturday and Sunday, I will be at the FREE and most fabulous book extravaganza on the West Coast, the LA Times Festival of Books 2013! Both days from 10am to Noon’ish at GLAWS’ huge double Booth #953 on the USC campus, but I intend to dally and hand out Dark Victorian promos when not sitting in a chair. And when not dallying, this Neo-Victorian will be promenading—hopefully with my new parasol. So come down, get hotdogs, lemonades, BOOKS, and I will see you there!

The LA TIMES Festival of Books 2013:

And the Greater Los Angeles Society of Writers members (like me! Hail, Ray Bradbury!) who will be THERE:

More Dark Victorian promo cards, Blue version.

More Dark Victorian promo cards, Blue version.


We also have another BONES and RISEN Giveaway in progress at Barry Huddleston’s steampunk review blog, Gnostalgia. And yes, 13 QUESTIONS with me, nattering on about the Dark Victorian series, the art of writing, steampunk, and stuff like that there. So WIN actual paper books! Go enter:

Excerpt from the GNOSTALGIA interview:

“If you ever wonder why, or are very irritated by, authors who aggressively self-promote, it might be desperation but I think after a while it’s passion. Or obsession. It becomes your whole life. Now that I’ve my second novel out I’m passionately immersed–-not too annoyingly, I hope, and I’m still learning. It is a great challenge, but in doing my own work and becoming my own work, I am growing.”

So sez me. 😀

WIN these books at Gnostalgia, go Enter!

WIN these books at Gnostalgia, go Enter!

Barry also wrote a very nice review of RISEN too, we thank him for his swell words!

*HOPS off horse*

What I’m doing:

Well CLOCKWORK ALCHEMY 2013, at the San Jose (CA) Doubletree on Memorial Day weekend, May 24-27th, is almost upon us. NOT really, but I need to get prepared. I’m participating in the new and very awesome Authors Library portion of the event (I sometimes erroneously refer to as the Author’s Corner or Author’s Track—ala DragonCon-speak :-p), and we’ll have readings, Gothic Fairytale storytelling, LOTS of cool panels, lectures, discussions, and some one-to-one mentoring. It’s practically a writer’s retreat wrapped into the bigger steampunk family event:

And parented by FanimeCon, which is happening at the same time, so you can’t ask for anything more (BUT wait, you CAN, and that’s what’s awesome. :D).

I’ll be doing a Powerpoint presentation. Yes, it’s a nice way of saying ‘a lecture’. Mine is called:

Cinematic Storytelling in Steampunk:
Creating Immersive Experiences with the Written Word.

Cinematic Storytelling in STeampunk presentation, in progress!

Cinematic Storytelling in STeampunk presentation, in progress!

“Join Elizabeth Watasin, storyteller and visual artist, in a presentation and discussion about writing dimensional settings that draw in the reader and enrich the story experience. Let’s forget about film theory and story formulas for the moment and be creative, true to our work, and have fun. Using contemporary and antique imagery, quotes from authors, and excerpts from written works, we’ll explore the simple, basic approaches that make settings—from larger than life to intimately simple—memorable, powerful, and possibly beautiful.”

I am working on this, right this minute. And then I gotta practice it ‘live’ to make sure my voice holds out for 45 minutes. LOL

And I’m already mocking up my table space for Clockwork’s Authors Library, because I can:

Table mockup for Clockwork Alchemy 2013, cat not included.

Table mockup for Clockwork Alchemy 2013, cat not included.

So that’s me, currently. And I haven’t even mentioned Long Beach Comic Expo, also in May, yet. BOOKS! I’ll be working on new books, too.

To Horse! And as always, more Later. (cor, I need to get to the much neglected mailing list, as well!).

All the best,


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