My Art of The Red River Radio Show Interview 3/28/2011

(Player temporarily removed 4.5.11)

My thanks to Carolyn Watson-Dubisch and Mike Dubisch for a great time and a great interview! Click on their names to check out their links, they’re both great artists with books you’ll enjoy. Had fun talking animation, comics, and just the business of being an artist with them. I appear about 20-30 minutes into the show, I think, after Diane Washburn from A.W. Corporate Art Works. I gotta say, I sure stutter a lot. It’s me trying to gather my thoughts, scatterbrained person that I am. But some diamonds managed to fall out of my mouth. 😉

“Popular artists and show hosts Carolyn Watson-Dubisch, Wade Zahares, and Mike Dubisch interview illustrators, animators, and art agents to discover insight into the art world.”

“Our second guest will be Elizabeth Watasin who has worked at Disney on animated children’s favourites. She also makes illustrations, Zines, and handmade accessories to promote her stories. Her graphic novel Charm School was published by SLG Publishing. She lives with a black cat named Draw in a tree house in Los Angeles. Her YA fantasy adventure novel, Wit’s World: Never Was, debuts in 2011.”

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