Steampunk Canada! A BONES Review and more Giveaways!

Yes, you read right! Steampunk Canada has graciously agreed to host a BONES paperbacks giveaway of 3 books + a RISEN paperback for the third winner! So Run don’t Walk, over to Steampunk Canada, read the really excellent review of BONES to answer a simple contest question, and leave your answer in the comments! Drawing on Friday!

Excerpt from Lee Ann Farruga’s review:
“Risen was a great introductory story, but BONES really gets down and dirty.  This second tale in the series is three times as long as the first. It is also much more intriguing and disturbing. It is brilliantly written, but most definitely not for the faint of heart, especially those who know anything about the horrible practice of vivisection on animals in the Victorian period. It also involves a very dark and deadly version of supernatural surgery. The Bone Stealer is removing bones from the healthy poor and suddenly crippled rich are cured, leaving the dead with no bones and no evidence of how they were removed.”

(I is most dearly complimented. ‘Tis more fyne words about Bones from Lee Ann which follow. 🙂 )

READ MORE at the link! Go and WIN!!!

A pic of what you will be winning, STeampunk skull not included:

WIN these from STeampunk Canada!

WIN these from STeampunk Canada!

Have fun and enjoy! 😀


I will be at WONDERCON 2013 on Friday! Stop by and Keep Calm:


Elizabeth Watasin says to Keep Calm, for she is at table SP-28, Wondercon 2013.

This coming Friday, Saturday, and Sunnnnday. (collapses) See you there! 🙂


I’ll be working on SUNDARK, my Elle Black Penny Dread, about a Camden Town homemaker and anomalous perturbationist who must solve why guests are disappearing from a haunted mechanical hotel, the Sundark. I think I’m barely halfway through the manuscript, so it’s time to hit it!

Wishing you all a splendid Spring (or just the mirage of such 😉 ).

All the best,


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