“Nico was a bullet, piercing matter.”


I noticed this is the month(? or was it last month) for LGBT reads? Well, I hope you’ll add this one to that curiosity pile. As it’s sci-fi, I can finally try my hand at portraying several gender aspects and sexualities. 😀 Frankly, I wrote the planet I want to live on. ^v^

#Amwriting the next Darquepunk book, Bloody Nike, plus addressing final notes on Monster Stalker. I don’t think I ever got around to sharing *why* I’m ‘suddenly’ writing queer science fiction—with a noir and paranormal bent—and have hurtled myself through space/time from the paranormal Victorian period I was immersed in.

Back in March, *right* when Wondercon happened, I had a big lightning strike. I have no idea where it came from, but a sci-fi concept I’d been sitting on for years (probably since ’98), suddenly came together. Well, it made sense to me. A planet called Darqueworld with preternatural beings and celestials and leviathans finally *worked*, right then (again, it made sense in my head). And I could have a vampire girl from the ’90’s drop right into it, with her switchblade and teddy bear.

IT BECAME NECESSARY TO WRITE IT. The idea of sitting on the idea more whilst I try to get the third Dark Victorian, the third DV penny dread, and the third Elle Black done was kind of painful (PS, my poor POISON GARDEN has hit a big snag due to my needing a new editor. I just need to find a editor with strong Victorian and UK understanding to tackle it. :-/).

So I’m planning to get all three books done by October. Am writing like a bat outta space/time Hell. ^v^

~~See you on the Darque Side

Darquepunk. It’s vampires all the way down.



First book in the series is Monster Stalker, available for pre-order now. ^v^


The Dark Victorian series, Worldwide!

I’ve been busy spreading my Dark Victorian books to all manner of selling outlets. Therefore I am very pleased and happy to share these links! If you haven’t enjoyed my Stories already, please do! The print versions have illustration galleries, the e-books do not. Enjoy!

Dark Victorian: RISEN and BONES, all around the World! SUNDARK, An Elle Black Penny Dread, coming soon! Thank you for your patronage! ^v^

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Bones_paperback_cover_low res Very Small

2 of the 4 illustrations (5, if you count 'KEEP CALM' next to my Author's Page).

2 of the 4 illustrations (5, if you count ‘KEEP CALM’ next to my Author’s Page).


Size, 5.25 x 8 and purrrrfect!

Size, 5.25 x 8 and purrrrfect!


What is the Dark Victorian? (an illustrated narrative)

(I began this informal narrative over at my Facebook Fan Page and then realised it would make decent material for a Dark Victorian Compendium. So here we go.)

What is The Dark Victorian: Well, friends, how to begin. Hm. (voiceover)

THIS IS London, 1880, and eldritch knowledge had a chance to flourish in this world, with the usual consequences. When supernatural evil runs amok, HRH Prince Albert’s Secret Commission agents are there to take care of such menaces, though these resurrected former criminals tend to succumb more often while in service rather than triumph. In this black arts world, it’s still Queen Victoria’s London; vibrant, monied, industrious, mechanically advanced, as well as polluted, congested, seedy, and dreadful. It’s the age where Darwinism, secularism, suffragism, the spiritualist movement, the Free Love movement, sexual ‘deviancy’, marriage reforms, vegetarians, and all manner of ‘new thought’ challenged old institutions. It’s also the time of colonialism, mechanisation, steam power, air power, and a rapidly growing middle class. Into this world a young woman is reborn in eldritch fire and lightning. She is named ‘Artifice’.

Gustave Doré, "Ludgate Hill"

Gustave Doré, “Ludgate Hill”

(Chug chug, clatter clatter clatter).

Art with a wee bird.

Art with a wee bird.

But she prefers to be called ‘Art’.

(tweet tweet. I don’t know why the bird is there, it just wanted to be).

Artifice (an early portrait).

Artifice (an early portrait).

Agent Artifice: You may ask yourself, ‘Who is this Artifice?’. Executed criminals resurrected to serve as agents in HRH Prince Albert’s Secret Commission are reborn without any previous memories (or as Art’s partner, Jim Dastard, likes to say of her: she’s sprung fully formed from Zeus’s forehead). Therefore, it is a mystery that here’s this unusually tall woman (by Victorian standards), and quite unsexed (since she has the developed physique of an avid physical culturist), and QUAKER, who somehow deserved the gallows. As Jim counsels: ’tis the start of a new life and a second chance shouldn’t be wasted. Now she’s an artificial ghost and working on the side of Good. By the end of BONES, Art is nine days living (a pretty good record for a Secret Commission agent). But Jim knows from previous experience with partners (may they rest in peace), that aspects of Art’s past will soon catch up to them.

Helia Skycourt, journalist and velocipedestrienne.

Helia Skycourt, journalist and velocipedestrienne.

Like this woman for example. Lady Helia Skycourt (she prefers to be addressed as ‘Miss’), who’s a journalist for The Times, an avid velocipedestrienne, and apparently a madwoman.

More, later. ^v^