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“Nico was a bullet, piercing matter.”


I noticed this is the month(? or was it last month) for LGBT reads? Well, I hope you’ll add this one to that curiosity pile. As it’s sci-fi, I can finally try my hand at portraying several gender aspects and sexualities. 😀 Frankly, I wrote the planet I want to live on. ^v^

#Amwriting the next Darquepunk book, Bloody Nike, plus addressing final notes on Monster Stalker. I don’t think I ever got around to sharing *why* I’m ‘suddenly’ writing queer science fiction—with a noir and paranormal bent—and have hurtled myself through space/time from the paranormal Victorian period I was immersed in.

Back in March, *right* when Wondercon happened, I had a big lightning strike. I have no idea where it came from, but a sci-fi concept I’d been sitting on for years (probably since ’98), suddenly came together. Well, it made sense to me. A planet called Darqueworld with preternatural beings and celestials and leviathans finally *worked*, right then (again, it made sense in my head). And I could have a vampire girl from the ’90’s drop right into it, with her switchblade and teddy bear.

IT BECAME NECESSARY TO WRITE IT. The idea of sitting on the idea more whilst I try to get the third Dark Victorian, the third DV penny dread, and the third Elle Black done was kind of painful (PS, my poor POISON GARDEN has hit a big snag due to my needing a new editor. I just need to find a editor with strong Victorian and UK understanding to tackle it. :-/).

So I’m planning to get all three books done by October. Am writing like a bat outta space/time Hell. ^v^

~~See you on the Darque Side

Darquepunk. It’s vampires all the way down.



First book in the series is Monster Stalker, available for pre-order now. ^v^


TONIGHT, on Krypton Radio: Me!

TONIGHT, 9pm Pacific, join me and hosts Gene Turnbow and Susan Fox on the Sci Fi radio show, EVENT HORIZON. ‪#‎steampunk‬ ‪#‎geekculture‬ ‪#‎scifi‬ for your wifi! We’ll be gabbing about all things Dark Victorian. Airing right after Steam Powered Cabaret and certain to be a perfect accompaniment with your beer and onion rings at SDCC, Tuuuune in! 😀

MORE later! I’ve finished writing SUNDARK, An Elle Black Penny Dread and am doing my second read-through before sending to the beta reader. Also looking to gear up with Scrivener and get 3 manuscripts going (outlining 2). I know, ambitious, but I scored a table at PHOENIX COMIC CON 2014 and that being in June of next year, would really like some awesome titles done by then! 🙂

Am watching the (soon to be) blooming Corpse Flower via live stream at the Botanic Garden:

Live video for mobile from Ustream

Was I, or am I going to be at SDCC (San Diego Comic Con) tomorrow? Nahh, I am perfectly happy to have stayed home and gotten SUNDARK done, to say the least, and to eat ice cream whilst watching the incredibly still and silent Corpse Flower. 😀 I hope to catch it when it Walks.

JOIN ME, in this vigil. :-o~~~~

All the best!