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NEW: my Latest, in this Boxed Set of 9 books for 99c NEW: my Latest, in this Boxed Set of 9 books for 99c

My latest, FAE CAME ON THE PLANE! a Darquepunk novella with Nico and Bear—a Faeries V Vampire event—is now Available. Part of the ENCHANTED: FAIRY REVELS boxed set, you get 9 authors, 9 books, and 800+ pp of paranormal romance and urban fantasy for only 99 cents. Put that in your fairy ring!

Wit’s World: Never Was, Chapter Eighteen by Elizabeth Watasin

Night had fallen in Astraopolis. Em stood inside the brightly lit Automat, wrapped in her sheet, and considered the rows of little illuminated windows with their dishes of food, debating between shepherd’s pie and macaroni and cheese. She was surprised to find comfort food in a place called Nebula’s End, where exotic extraterrestrial fare seemed more suitable.
“I still don’t know about this,” Shade said.
“They have perfectly working rockets, why shouldn’t there be perfectly working food?” Buck said.

Wit’s World: Never Was, Chapter Sixteen by Elizabeth Watasin

“No!” she whispered frantically when she slipped back down the glass path.
Em fell. She slid the long length of the bridge’s curve to the bottom of the lake. Submysterea loomed in the rippling waters. There were the large stones of a lost civilization, its strange statues and tumbled columns. Chiseled words appeared through the churn and bubbles: “LAND OF ADAM.” There was a dead submarine and a dead fighter plane. A deep sea diver floated listlessly, his bathysphere bobbing in the waves created by the sinking bridge. A swift current swept the diver away. The press and presence of embracing, dark water was everywhere and it wanted to crush her.

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