The BONES paperback GIVEAWAY! 3 copies!

You read right, 3 copies! So if only 5 of you enter, those are tremendous odds! ๐Ÿ™‚

You will win one of the 3 paperbacks shown here (and yes, they’ve imperfect covers—rather barely perceptible in the photo—but the interiors are perfect).

Dark Victorian: BONES is 17.99 USD when not meant for destruction.

Dark Victorian: BONES is 17.99 USD when not meant for destruction.

Steampunk Skull is not included.

To enter: Type a comment/reply or question to this post!

This giveaway is open internationally, so yes, if you are not from Canada or the United States, you may enter by leaving a comment to this post. This giveaway is also open intergalactically, so if you are from the planet Venus or stationed at Mars or on the ISS, you may also enter!

IF you’re a colleague, a peer who’s directed movies, or owes me money, DON’T be shy, please leave a comment and Enter!

IF you have the BONES paperback *already*, DON’T feel left out! Leave a comment or question and Enter! Why? Because I’ll credit your win to the next paperback I publish (which will probably be Elle Black’s SUNDARK).

BONUS: You can have an extra entry if you visit Team Humiston and their book BAND at their table at MEGACON 2013, this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! An extra entry would be a second comment to this blog post. Just type, “I have visited the Humistons at Megacon 2013! Mrs. Humiston was/wasn’t wearing glasses! They publish BAND!”. You can have a *third* entry (put in a third comment) when you’ve bought a BAND comic or RISEN from Team Humiston at MegaCon! That’s *3* entries for MegaCon attendees!

Winner will be chosen by using via the method explained by Margo L. Dill’s ‘How to have a Book Giveaway’ at Fiction Notes. This Giveaway ends Sunday, 12am Pacific time! LEAVE a Comment and good luck!

All the best,


39 replies
  1. ewat
    ewat says:

    I’ll refrain from commenting from now on (thought they’d tuck under the others), but I should add that my comments won’t count towards the random drawing! ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. baywoof
    baywoof says:

    I just read RISEN (it was awesome) and can’t wait to read BONES. This is off topic, but are you planning on writing any more Charm School comics?

  3. ewat
    ewat says:

    Hi Baywoof, yes, I really want to do the complete Charm School Collection for this year, especially before Comikaze 2013, this November (good motivation). So that means finishing out the last story arc. I need to put out the question–do you guys want an omnibus size collection? Or is it more affordable to readers to have the whole thing split into three small graphic novels (with new content etc; I’m self-publishing Charm School now, btw). Thanks for asking, and glad you enjoyed RISEN! ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Paige Cavanaugh
    Paige Cavanaugh says:

    Woot! I will take Charm School the Collection in any format you wish to throw out there. Oh and YES, please enter me for the book. It looks gorgeous!! What a great idea. I hope you get lots and lots of people entering!! Xoxoxoxo

  5. P. Aloysius Regnad
    P. Aloysius Regnad says:

    I am mildly ashamed to admit that I do not read as often as I used to (except online). But as someone working on a concept of my own, I freely offer my support. Plus I can never turn down a chance at something for free. Heh.

  6. Ken McLaughlin
    Ken McLaughlin says:

    Love to see the written word upon paper is still not lost to everyone. Congrats on your release of Bones and looks forward to seeing more from you. Cheers!

  7. Draekalovich
    Draekalovich says:

    I’ll give it a shot, sign me up. I’d love a chance for a new steampunk read ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. baywoof
    baywoof says:

    @Response to my Charm School question. Yay! Squee! I would probably prefer an omnibus edition, but I’d be perfectly happy with pretty much any format.

  9. ewat
    ewat says:

    All right! The Giveaway for the 3 BONES books is now Closed. Off to do that thing. Thanks to everyone for participating! ๐Ÿ™‚

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